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Our vision is to be a globally recognized partner-of-choice differentiated for our ability to provide Timely Solutions enabling Better Decisions to Maximize Value   



Our Mission is to continue to develop our expertise, to build on our strong capabilities, focusing on :

* Research & technology ensuring our competitive edge (Depth) .

* Expanding coverage and areas of support (Breadth).





1- 2016:Swiftts involve in back production/Water injections

    conversion strategy study, for one of mature fields in Oman

2-2016: Swiftts involve in understand the high CGR     observed in the flank wells and to explain the variability in     the fluid type produced study Omani field.

3-2016: Swiftts have been awarded a contract to review and       monitor the HSE performance of the drilling and workover     rigs for an operator in Oman....... read more ...  




1- Swift will be participating in the OIL & GAS WEST ASIA (OGWA 2016) , held in Muscat, 21st - 23rd Mar 2016 (OGWA 2016 Oil& Gas Exhibition & Conference) we are so happy to receive you at our booth No 808. http://www.ogwaexpo.com


2- Swiftts/QS will present at the SPE Bergen One Day Seminar held in Bergen, Norway, 20th April 2016, SPE-180066 "Reducing NPT of Rigs Operation through Competency Improvement:A Lean Manufacturing Approach",authored by Ashraf E.A. Basbar/Ahmed Al Kharusi, Swiftts, Abdulbaqi Al Kindi, QS. http://www.spe.org/events/berg/2016


3- Swiftts/QS will present at the IADC/SPE Asia Pacific Drilling Technology Conference and Exhibition held in Singapore, 22-24 August 2016, IADC/SPE-180640," A Lean-Based Drilling Operations: A New Approach for NPT Reduction ",authored by Ashraf E.A. Basbar/Ahmed AlKharusi-Swiftts,Abdulbaqi AlKindi-QS. http://www.spe.org/events/apdt/2016/

   .... read more





Oil and Gas Training & Development Programs

Our company with her sister company which is Quartet Solution institute provides a number of oil and gas training course   .........  read more ...  



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